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STEP 1: Select a specific BEST Hood Type
STEP 2: Select your Ceiling Height
STEP 3: Check "Recirculating" for non-duct application
STEP 4: CALCULATE - The results displayed determine if the hood fits perfectly into your plans

Standard: N/A
Extended: Ceiling too short

Welcome to the BEST Hood Height Calculator. It is our goal to make the process of choosing your range hood as easy as possible. The Hood Height Calculator makes it easy for you to be assured if the BEST range hood you're interested in will fit into the kitchen ceiling height out-of-the-box or if you will need a duct cover extension if one is available.

This Hood Height Calculator uses a generic looking range hood to visualize your kitchen's ceiling height and range hood.

The Hood Height Calculator assumes that your counters are set at 36”.

Using the Hood Height Calculator is easy. Follow these easy steps.

  1. Select the range hood you’re interested in.
  2. Select your kitchen’s ceiling height.
  3. Select “Recirculating” if you plan on using a range hood that does not duct to the exterior of your house.
  4. Click “Calculate”.

The information provided by the Hood Height Calculator lets you know if:

  • If the combination of your hood and standard duct cover will or won’t fit your installation requirement.
  • If your installation is appropriate for use with an extension duct cover kit (optional accessory).
  • The mounting height ranges that the standard and extension duct cover kit will accommodate given in inches from the top of the cooktop to the bottom of the range hood filters.
  • If your ceiling is too low for the standard duct cover.

We always recommend that you consult your installer or contractor before making your final decision as they will know the nuances of your kitchen project.

Standard Hood Fits Installation:
Requires Extension Duct Cover:
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